The Flexible VMS Platform

The VideONet VMS is a software system that connects existing cameras with operator computers to create capable surveillance systems, integrating any number of installations over a network infrastructure. This provides you with a comprehensive and intuitive view over your production sites.  

The resulting system can be monitored from any number of clients at any part of the network. Monitoring can be done in dedicated operator stations or integrated in other management systems with or without video-walls.

An Independent System

The VideONet system is applicable independent of your existing type of hardware. This gives you the possibility to choose the best camera function for every installation point, while the VideONet system provides the operators with a unified and intuitive interface.

All VideONet software modules are built on a plug-in structure to allow for differentiated functionality in different parts of the system and to allow future development of new functionality within an existing system. The use of plug-ins allows for extended functionality applications, such as video motion detection, object detection, human detection, crowd management, license plate reading and face recognition. 

Our Plug-Ins

VideONet Eyes™

VideONetEyes™ is a platform for transmission, monitoring and recording of live video from smartphones. It is a concept that promises to revolutionize the work of security companies and field service work, as the amount of cameras available for input of situation awareness data increases by a large factor. With VideONetEyes™ there is no need for investment in remote hardware, the camera locations are by design both movable and mobile and can reach next to any location.

VideONet Connect

The VideONet Connect system enables you to integrate new and existing cameras in the ABB 800xA system. You can watch and control single or multiple camera views created by alarms from the 800xA system. Embedded video promotes instant situation awareness and quick problem resolution by the instant access to live video from alarm lines, reports, graphics and faceplates.

VideONet VCA

VideONet VCA allows for smart functions in your existing camera equipment. The software continuously analyzes the captured video, distinguishing between cars, people and animals. The system alerts in case of activity, saving you time spent on examining empty footage. VideONet VCA recognizes presence, speed, digital fence, objects stopping or disappearing and tailgating. This software is well adapted for both industrial and security functions.

VideONet OPC

VideONet OPC is an open gateway between VideONet event management and any OPC enabled management system. With a VideONet OPC server in the system it is possible to present alarms from intelligent video devices, cameras or communication issues and operator activities in your process management system. It is also possible to control trigging of video recordings and issue operator notifications in the system from your process control system.

VideONet Video Wall

The VideONet Video Wall client presents large amounts of camera streams, external systems and live video on standard flat screen monitors at a fraction of the cost of old school hardware video walls.

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