The Flexible Video Management System

Developing software solutions for safety, automation, video image communication and analytics.

In Focus: Cybersecurity

“In recent years, the increase in cybercrime has increased the requirements for intrusion security, system security and product security, while requirements for user-friendliness and functionality have not decreased. Chess in three dimensions has become chess in four dimensions, at least.”

– Business Insight: Delivering CCTV in an Cyberinsecure World

Video Software Solutions for Process Operators

We develop software solutions for safety, automation, video image communication and analytics, making the working process easier for the operators. By presenting relevant information in a clear and easily managed interface, we simplify your working processes and enable an increased efficiency and competitiveness.


We supply software solutions for integration of video based information to optimize existing work flows in process industries. 

The VideONet System

The VideONet VMS is a software system that connects your cameras with operator computers to create capable surveillance systems, integrating any number of installations over a network infrastructure. This provides you with a comprehensive and intuitive view over your production sites. 

The ABB 800xA Video Solution

This VideONet system extension enables you to integrate new and existing cameras in the 800xA system.

The Virify™ Software

Virify™ is a software system developed by VideONet. By analyzing video of various autonomous process control applications, the software manages tasks such as measuring, sorting, quality inspections and deviation alerts.

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