Hylte paper mill extends Virify implementation

Sora Enso’s Hylte mill have implemented the VideONet VMS as operator window to production in its recent COOP project where all control room functions was collected into one state of the art central comtrol room in a separate building. In Hylte the Virify wrapping analytics was developed in a joint project with local project support. Currently a Virify installation is under final testing in the wood chipping factory where it will detect and initially try to correct material congestions before alerting operators.

Stora Enso is one of the largest VideONet users with large installations in Hylte, Skoghall and Kvarnsveden paper mills. Stora Enso is proactively working on digitalization of all possible parts of the processes and VideONet has been involved in pre-studies, pilots and development projects in video analytic cases in pulp management, carton extrusion lamination, wrapping quality, labelling and wood chipping.  

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