NIS2 – A Significant Expansion of the UN Directive for Cybersecurity

NIS2 is an update and expansion of the UN Directive for cybersecurity. The new directive covers a wider range of sectors operating in critical infrastructure and essential services, including both private businesses and public administration. It introduces stricter requirements for risk management, security measures and early mandatory incident reporting. 

EU member states must incorporate the Directive in national law by October 17, 2024. This means that businesses affected by the directive will have to comply with the cybersecurity requirements by Q4 of 2024, or face fines of up to €7MM or 1,4% of global annual revenue.

Cybersecurity and CCTV

NIS2 will have a significant effect on the security business, not least for CCTV and VMS systems. As a supplier of CCTV software and hardware, various dimensions of risk analysis have to be considered and managed.

Safe hardware with trusted components, designed to be tamper proof, is a starting point. Secure supply chains and component traceability protects your product. Hardware-based and embedded authentication features adds security. As a hardware supplier you will also have to account for human error and educate customers on how to safely install, use and maintain a product. Clear documentation and a process for responding to vulnerabilities completes the package.

Safe software has a life cycle that takes security into account at every stage of development, from regularly scheduled code reviews and security audits of the source code to implementing a robust system to deploy updates, request authentication and provide documentation. 

Business Insight: Delivering CCTV in a Cyberinsecure World

“In recent years, the increase in cybercrime has increased the requirements for intrusion security, system security and product security, while requirements for user-friendliness and functionality have not decreased. Chess in three dimensions has become chess in four dimensions, at least.”

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