VideONet Eyes

VideONetEyes™ is a platform for transmission, monitoring and recording of live video from smartphones and mobile devices with Android or iOS. VideONetEyes™ is a concept with the aim to facilitate field service work. The amount of cameras available for input of situational awareness information can be increased by a large factor without investment in remote hardware. A camera in a mobile unit is by design both movable and mobile and can reach next to any location.

VideONetEyes™ App

The VideONetEyes™ App can be customized with the organizations logo and be installed from a local download or from regular app services. Once loaded the app starts live video transmission from the smartphones selected camera with a single click in the app.

EyesOnSite™ Operator Station

The EyesOnSite™ concept consists of one or more servers that can be accessed on the local wireless network or through the mobile data network. The streaming video feed is recorded and sent live to any logged on EyesOnSite™ Operator stations together with transmitter ID and GPS position. The EyesOnSite™ Operator stations are Windows workstations with one or more monitors, or a video-wall. Incoming feeds are presented in a multi view screen in incoming order. The recorded video is accessible immediately after transmission.

Other Plug-Ins

VideONet Connect

Integrate your video system in the ABB 800xA system. Watch and control camera views created by alarms from the system, with instant access to live video from alarm lines, reports, graphics and faceplates.

VideONet Video Content Analysis

Add smart functions to your existing camera equipment. The software continuously analyzes the captured video, distinguishes between different types of activity and creates alerts.

VideONet Open Platform Communications

A standardized gateway between VideONet event management and OPC enabled management systems. With a VideONet OPC server in the system it is possible to present alarms from cameras, control video equipment and issue operator notifications.

VideONet Video Wall

VideONet VideoWall is an optimized configuration of the VideONet Client software aimed at creating large scale video presentation screens using standard PC hardware and monitors.

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