VideONet Open Platform Communications

VideONet OPC is a standardized gateway between VideONet event management and OPC enabled management systems. With a VideONet OPC server in the system it is possible to present alarms from intelligent cameras and alert on communication issues. It is also possible to control video equipment and issue operator notifications in the system from your process control system.

What is OPC?

Open Platform Communications (OPC) is the interoperability standard for secure and reliable exchange of data in industrial automation systems and in other industries. It is platform independent and allows for exchange of information between devices from multiple vendors. The OPC standard is a series of specifications developed by industry vendors, end-users and software developers. These specifications define the interface between Clients and Servers, as well as Servers and Servers, including access to real-time data, monitoring of alarms and events, access to historical data and other applications.

VideONet OPC

VideONet OPC is available as an OPC DA server or an OPC UA client available. With this it is possible to start scripted actions, recordings, or move camera to preset positions on events in the process system.

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