VideONet Video Wall

VideONet VideoWall is an optimized configuration of the VideONet Client software aimed at creating large scale video presentation screens using standard PC hardware and monitors.

Simplifying the Video Wall

This configuration is used in large systems, typically with more than 30 live streams where large views with real time video from all cameras is important. The configuration is built on a standard PC with graphic cards to drive multiple monitors. This makes it possible to build a powerful video wall using ordinary monitors for 24/7/366 use. The configuration provides a customizable layout where cameras can be displayed in different sizes, images can be cropped to focus on the interesting details and embedded interactivity with operators and process events can be realised.

High Performance Video, Standard Hardware

The VideONet client supports multi-threaded decoding and GPU supported rendering to provide high performance video presentation with standard hardware.

Typical users are industrial control rooms and alarm receiving centres. The VideoWall client can be used in combination with the VideONet system extension for ABB 800xA Industrial automation systems.

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