Virify™ is a software system developed by VideONet, assisting industrial operations with video analytics for process control applications. 

The Virify™ Software

Virify is a solution for safer, quicker and more reliable results in industrial processing. With an extensive system of video analytics, Virify ensures that each item handled has the right properties. Smart video solutions measures, weighs and inspects throughout the production, alerting you to any possible risks and creating analytic data for the future.

An easy way to raise production and ensure a safe workspace for you and your colleagues.

Virify™ Applications


In sawmills we can help raise productivity and resource utilization by measuring log input, by automation of sorting and by providing events to control an even flow, avoiding congestion issues.

Paper Mills

In paper mills we can establish continuous measurement of rolls and alert of deviations from planned production. We can also inspect and verify quality of wrapping, packaging and labelling.

Custom Solutions

Virify™ can be used in creation of digital copies of the production flow, enabling surface inspection, volume measurement, over- and underfill alerts and as a source of KPIs.

Our Plug-Ins

VideONet Eyes

Transmit, monitor and record live video from smartphones. This concept facilitates field service work as the amount of cameras available for input of situation awareness data increases and there is no need for investment in remote hardware.

VideONet Connect

Integrate your video system in the ABB 800xA system. Watch and control camera views created by alarms from the system, with instant access to live video from alarm lines, reports, graphics and faceplates

VideONet Video Content Analysis

Add smart functions to your existing camera equipment. The software continuously analyzes the captured video, distinguishes between different types of activity and creates alerts.

VideONet Open Platform Communications

A standardized gateway between VideONet event management and OPC enabled management systems. With a VideONet OPC server in the system it is possible to present alarms from cameras, control video equipment and issue operator notifications.

VideONet Video Wall

VideONet VideoWall is an optimized configuration of the VideONet Client software aimed at creating large scale video presentation screens using standard PC hardware and monitors.

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